Government Diesel and Petrol sales ban will it work?

Britain is to ban all new petrol and diesel cars and vans from 2040 amid fears. Rising levels of nitrogen oxide pose a major risk to public health.

“Poor air quality is the biggest environmental risk to public health in the UK. This government is determined to take strong action in the shortest time possible,” a government spokesman said.

So it is said that the environmental risk to public health in the UK, cost up to £2.7bn in lost productivity in one recent year.

To kick start this project and get the ball rolling. There is a concept been thought of around the same lines of London, where some MP’s want it rolled out countrywide and the introduction of  a £10 toxic “T-charge” that will be levied on up to 10,000 of the oldest, most polluting vehicles every weekday.

The coalition government had already set out a vision for almost every car and van to be ultra-low emission by 2050 – a move which the government acknowledged would require “almost all new cars and vans sold to be near-zero emission at the tailpipe by 2040”. So it is unclear to what extent the new pledge will further boost Britain’s ability to achieve air quality requirements.

With the average distance being able to be travelled of 125 miles. But an average charge time of four hours a journey from Edinburgh to London of 415 miles would currently take over 24 hours to complete working with current technology.Online Stunt Scooter shop.

So it is clear that current electric cars are fine for short journeys. That means the daily commute but for the longer journeys. There is plenty or work to be done.

In short the work has already begun to make the country petrol and diesel free. However plenty more work is required and the technology needs another massive push forward to be completely ready for this to happen in what is 22 years time.

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