Electric Scooters: Fun to Ride

If you want to have scooterific packed fun but without the expense. Then pick a battery powered electric scooter with seat or without a seat as your ride. Our range of awesome scooters are designed and manufactured using state of the art technology, making them superior to all others on the market!

Through state-of-the-art design and manufacturing techniques, we produce and sell a new generation of  battery powered electric scooters which have taken a technological leap sure to leave other scooters in the background. Loaded with innovative features perfect for taking to the skate park or just riding about.

Scooterific scooters give you and your kids a chance to have fun while being green. These eco-friendly electric scooters and electric mopeds are all designed to offer more excitement on one charge. That means your kids will enjoy zipping around on their new scooter for longer without having to deal with recharging.