The rules of the errrrr pavement. Is it legal to ride my scooter on the pavement?

Where can I Ride?

The laws dealing with new electric motorised vehicles are woefully out of date. These new vehicles, especially electric scooters, are green, make wonderful substitutes for bicycles and can reduce congestion in crowded cities.  When using a e-scooter, you can cut your commute time by a half. With care and due diligence you should be able to operate the scooter safely in the bicycle lanes without any issue.

But, because electric scooters are motorised, they are therefore considered to be motorised vehicles by the Department for Transport and so they are subjected to road traffic laws.

Electric bicycles though, which are also powered, are waived from these requirements. Electric bikes are legal to ride on the road under their own rules.  (sucks eh)

The law.

Though they travel at less than 18mph, under the Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986, the Department of Transport considers electric scooters to be motor vehicles.

Electric scooters need to obtain registration and comply with basic safety standards. Most two-wheeled vehicles that travel faster than 4mph have to comply with the European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval (ECWVTA).

The European Union does not understand how to classify these new personal electric vehicles.

Member countries can pass their own specific legislation to handle them but the United Kingdom has refused to do so.

The Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (VERA) states that every mechanically propelled vehicle used or kept on a public road should be registered and licensed.

Because electric scooters do not meet the relevant requirements for use on UK roads they cannot be registered and licensed for use on a public road in the United Kingdom. As a consequence, any user of such a vehicle on a public road is likely at the very least to be committing an offence. this ranges from driving without insurance and using the vehicle without the correct license.


What can I do to prevent my self been stopped?

We make sure all vehicles sold by us are CE Compliance and comply with basic safety standards required to date. We have a lot of feedback from our clients and from own personal experiences commuting around, the best advice is the Common Sense Rule and here are few tips just in case:

Whilst riding on pavements or crowded areas use your foot to kick.

Wear a helmet, high-visibility vest and use a bell (electric scooters are pretty quiet so make sure people can see you)

Limit the speed of your scooter to 15.5mph in urban areas. (Check your manual on how to or contact us)

Circle routes are the best place to ride you are not a motorbike even if you feel like one.

Respect road signs, rules, and other road users.

Smile and enjoy!


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