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What is an electric scooter and should i buy one?

Electric Scooter


What is an Electric Scooter?

The Electric scooter market is split up into two key types –  first is the on road versions which are, essentially, a moped powered by an electric motor. Then the second type is a essentially a stand on scooter that you can push or kick for propulsion, with the assistance of an electric motor.

You can charge Both types and it can scoot you around from about 10 -30 mph for an hour on a full charge.

Electric Scooter popularity has been on a steady increase because of both, their practical function as well as their fun factor!

Many light push style scooters and easy to transport and are foldable, making them a convenient mode of in the middle of a busy town or a mode of transport to commute to and from work or school.

Some models have off-road tires and suspension that make short work of dirt roads and jumps, while others are equipped with lights and mirrors and can be made road legal.



why buy an electric scooter?

Adrenaline – Many of these models are also suitable for teens who are upgrading from smaller scooters. (Shooting around the streets or fields is something that you never grow out of!)

Environmentally Friendly – Rather than jumping in your car for a 5-10 minute trip why not hop on your scooter and get there in half the time, weaving around traffic and people, and saving the planet at the same time?

Electric scooters only use the electricity to charge them and don’t cause any of the pollution (gasses and noise!) that cars do.

Effortless – maybe you want to go out and walk the dog, or keep an eye on the kids on a bike ride? Unpack the scooter and they won’t be able to keep up!


Things to consider when choosing your Scooter…


 All electric scooters are nippy, but some are faster than others. This all depends on the size of the battery and the size of the person. If you are buying for a teen many models will have no problem getting up to 15mph and climbing up hills. If you buying for someone over 70kg it might be worth looking at a more powerful models with a minimum  800W motors that can reach speeds of up to 26mph.

Battery Length:

 Most electric scooters’ batteries last around an hour off a full charge. Some models have the option to select an ‘economy mode’ that reduces the output of the battery at a cost to the top speed, and a guzzler mode that opens up the power at a hit to the battery life. 

Scooter Weight:

 If you plan on taking your scooter on holiday or lugging it into the car take note of how heavy it is. Most lightweight models, and some fold away for extra convenience.

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