The rules of the errrrr pavement. Is it legal to ride my scooter on the pavement?

Where can I Ride? The laws dealing with new electric motorised vehicles are woefully out of date. These new vehicles, especially electric scooters, are green, make wonderful substitutes for bicycles and can reduce congestion in crowded cities.  When using a e-scooter, you can cut your commute time by a half. With care and due diligence you should be able to operate the scooter safely in the bicycle lanes without any issue. But, because electric scooters are motorised, they are therefore considered [...]

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What is an electric scooter and should i buy one?

Electric Scooter   What is an Electric Scooter? The Electric scooter market is split up into two key types -  first is the on road versions which are, essentially, a moped powered by an electric motor. Then the second type is a essentially a stand on scooter that you can push or kick for propulsion, with the assistance of an electric motor. You can charge Both types and it can scoot you around from about 10 -30 mph for an hour on a [...]